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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

OAM Network in Memphis launches a podcast program for cyclists

OAM Network in Memphis launches a podcast program for cyclists
By:  Michael Lander

Sara Studdard, of Explore Bike Share, and Kyle Wagenschutz, who
is the Memphis Bicycle/Pedestrian Program Manager, are hosts
of - The Bike Nerds podcast, which will provide Memphis area
cyclists, and other listeners, with in-depth and informative
discussions on cycling and livability topics.  (Photo:  Courtesy
of - The Bike Nerds)

If you love cycling, and you’re really interested in hearing more about it from those who are involved in creating a bike-friendly environment in the
Memphis metropolitan area, then “The Bike Nerds” program is for you.

“The Bike Nerds” is a podcast, by the
OAM Network, which explores bicycling and livability issues in a conversational format.  It is hosted by the Bicycle/Pedestrian Program Manager for the City of Memphis, Kyle Wagenschutz, and the Project Manager of Explore Bike Share, Doug Carpenter & Associates, LLC’s, Sara Studdard.

“We formulated the idea for the podcast on an international study trip to Amsterdam and have been working on it for the last six months,” Wagenschutz said.

The podcast, and the website, officially launched on February 29, 2016.

“In the first episode of our podcast, we introduce ourselves, share stories about our histories in bicycling, talk about the work that we are currently engaged in, and share the experiences that have inspired us,” Wagenschutz said.

Kyle Wagenschutz oversees all matters concerning bicycle and
pedestrian issues in the City of Memphis and is actively
involved in promoting them like he did with the - Bikes on
Broad event from April to November 2015.

The main goals of this podcast for Wagenschutz and Studdard is for them to be able to share with their audience conversations with people who are a big part of the bicycling community and those working to improve the livability conditions in and around Memphis. 

They especially want to feature those who are helping to make Memphis a more livable environment, where more people have more options for getting around, which can include walking and/or riding their bikes. 

They also hope to capture this movement, through the lens of those who are intimately involved in this process, as it happens in the months and years ahead.

Wagenschutz and Studdard also hope to address some of the problems that the Memphis area community is experiencing, specifically those issues that might affect the livability conditions of all of our residents, and anything that might impact their ability to get to and from one place to another either by walking or riding their bicycles.

As the Bicycle/Pedestrian Program Manager in Memphis, Kyle
Wagenschutz (on the far left) is intimately involved in the
development and maintenance of facilities, paths, and
trails to include bike lanes on the city streets.  He is also
responsible for soliciting the public's input at public
meetings like this one at the White Station Library on
October 14, 2015 and integrating it into existing and
future street projects.

“This could include the equity and inclusivity of biking, the tipping points for emerging bike cultures in our city, and any other potential and unexpected challenges that we might possibly face,” Wagenschutz said.

The two hosts for “The Bike Nerds,” have already interviewed several individuals whom listeners will be able to hear in future podcasts.  These guests include
Oboi Reed from Slow Roll Chicago, Naomi Doerner from Alliance for Biking & Walking, Liz Cornish from Bikemore, and Anthony Siracusa from Bike Walk Tennessee.

The OAM Network, which hosts the Bike Nerds, is an independent podcast network located in Memphis’ own
Crosstown Arts District.  You can find other podcasts on a variety of other topics on their website at:

You can find out more about “The Bike Nerds,” by visiting their
facebook page, checking them out on twitter, or by going to their website at:

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